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Adoptive Parents

young couple with adopted babyAdoption Resources offers a variety of programs to assist individuals and couples pursuing adoption. 

We are licensed in Massachusetts to provide adoption and post-adoption services. We work with prospective adoptive parents from diverse cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, making certain that each adopted child is placed in an appropriate, permanent, and loving home.

Our professional staff, many of whom have a personal connection to adoption, will answer any questions you might have. Of course, one of the most important questions that many prospective parents have is how long will it take. The time to complete an adoption may vary tremendously. Please feel free to contact us at the time you are ready to start the application process to get the most current information about expected placement times and fees.

Please call us at 800-533-4346 or email us to receive our information packet or to sign up for our next information session.

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