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Domestic Adoption

Adoption Resources offers a program of “traditional” newborn domestic adoption. We network in Massachusetts to provide counseling and placement services to pregnant women and to match them with waiting adoptive families.

Families receive a full range of services, including the completion of a home study, educational programs, ongoing support, and post-placement supervision, in addition to all necessary legal procedures to complete an adoption. Our staff provides one-on-one assistance for families completing photo albums and “birth parent” letters that are used during the matching process.

Local birth parents work with Adoption Resources to select an adoptive family for their child. In addition to reading letters and looking at photo albums, they receive detailed, non-identifying descriptions of the families. In most cases, adoptive parents and birth parents choose to meet each other.

For more information, call us at 800-533-4346 or email your questions via our contact us page.

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