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I could have never have made it through this adoption process without you. I have met a lot of social workers in my life but never felt as comfortable as I did with you. You gave me so much confidence and supported me and made me feel like I was going to have your blessing however I chose. My daughter is happy and loved and safe and I couldn’t dream of this adoption going any smoother.

–Birth Mother

I turned to Adoption Resources at a particularly scary time in my life, the question of whether to give your child to another is never an easy one. Once I made the decision and spoke with my counselor I instantly felt better about my choice and never once did I regret it. I truly thank the agency and how they helped me through a difficult process with grace and ease. I hope other women facing this reality can be helped the way I was.

–Birth Mother

One thing I always say is that I'm not proud of how my situation happened but I love the people that it brought into my life. You're not like most people - you do amazing work and you go above and beyond. I wish there could be more people like you because that's what our young adults and youth need.

–Birth Mother

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