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Post-Adoption Services

post-adoption services and counseling for adoptees - help finding birth parentsFor some people hoping to build families, adoption offers a wonderful answer to their prayers. 

Yet adoption can sometimes be a challenging process, both for the child and the parents, with unique short - and long-term issues. We have helped build families for more than 150 years and have learned through the years that our expertise is still needed after the initial placement.

Adoption Resources offers supportive programs and workshops that focus on the particular concerns facing adoptive families.

  • Prospective adoptive parents can attend an educational series on medical and developmental issues of adopted children. Families can meet with adoption specialists to learn about the process and decide whether adoption will be their mode of family building.
  • New parents through adoption can join a support and social group with their babies. This group builds a community of adoptive families and friendships.
  • Any members of the adoption triad (birth families, adoptive families, and adoptees) who have been clients of Adoption Resources are always welcome at the agency to discuss their records and history. With more than 150 years of adoption records, we hear from our clients at all ages.
  • Your adoption records will be kept by this agency in perpetuity. They will never be destroyed.

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