A young optomistic woman looking out a window.Jessica*, a former Adoption Resources client, wrote this beautiful reflection on her decision to choose adoption.

I am always unclear as to where to start with my story. Let me begin by saying that I am someone who made a very difficult decision to place a child for adoption 5 years ago. Frequently, I think about my circumstances at the time and what made me make that decision. Other times, I think about what and who I have become as a result of my decision. I was 5 months along when I realized that I was pregnant, and I was living with my boyfriend with his parents in their home. We were immature adults – 20 years old going on 21.

In my heart, I knew the relationship I was in was not what I wanted for the rest of my life. Knowing that and both of us being immature helped to make the decision to place the baby for adoption a little easier. I also knew I couldn’t be a single mother. Actually, the decision wasn’t that easy – my circumstances just limited my options.

Shortly after my boyfriend and I found out that I was pregnant, we met with a counselor at Adoption Resources. We discussed adoption and then moved through the process of looking at books of prospective families. We felt a connection with the couple that we chose, and we knew in our hearts that they would be good parents to the baby that was growing inside of me.

Once I gave birth, putting the adoption plan into action was actually the hard part. They say flesh calls to flesh, and I believe that to be true. Selfishly, I wanted to keep my baby, but I was able to stick with my plan and sign my papers for adoption. My boyfriend and I felt it would be the best decision for the baby. We wanted a couple who was ready for a child.

Since the adoption, I have been able to make some changes to better my own life. I have graduated college and now work for a Fortune 100 company. I’m now married and currently pregnant. All these things happened on my own timetable because I chose adoption.

My story is simple. I chose adoption when I was 20 years old so that little baby could have a better life, and at the end of the day, my life also became better. I love Adoption Resources. They helped me get therapy after the adoption and really have kept me engaged in life. My story is still being written, and I am grateful that I was able to start adulthood the way that I did.

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*Name changed to protect privacy.