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Autumn & Emma

  • Autumn & Emma

We met in college at Virginia Tech, volunteering for an outreach program called Concrete for Kids. We started dating a year or so after we first met and knew very early on we would end up spending the rest of our lives with each other. After we graduated, we made the move to Massachusetts and started our lives together.

Neither of us like to be the center of attention, so we decided to elope on January 30, 2015. Now that we have established careers, a home with room to grow, a backyard big enough for a playset, and our fur babies, we feel that we are more than ready to take the next step and welcome a child into our family.

Autumn is a civil engineer who loves music, video games, and exploring. Emma is a construction engineer who enjoys golf, grilling, and chocolate. We have set a goal for ourselves to visit all 50 states, and we look forward to including our children on these adventures. We have two dogs, Hank and Gracie, as well as two cats, George and Charlie. Our parents are absolutely thrilled to become grandparents.

To learn more about Autumn and Emma, please call Adoption Resources at 800-533-4346.