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Maia & Tory

  • Maia & Tory

We met each other on Maia’s 31st birthday. It was an online romance for only three days before we met in person. We had an instant connection! On our first date, we made dinner together in Tory’s apartment and stayed up all night talking. Now, after four years together, we are ready to take on parenthood as a team; just as we have in every part of our lives. We could not be more excited! 

We purchased our home in a quiet suburb of Boston because of its wonderful neighborhood and surrounding community. Our street is buzzing with kids, and there is always something fun to do. We absolutely love our two dogs, Annie and Odie, and our two cats, Ms. Kitty and Tang. 

Coincidentally, we grew up less than five miles from each other in southern Maine! Our families have become very close, and we spend nearly every holiday with both sides of our family. Everyone is eager to welcome a new member of the family, especially Tory’s father, who was adopted as an infant and experienced its virtues first hand.  

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