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Mark & Kristin 

  • Mark & Kristin 

In 2006, we were paired up at an audition for a summer Shakespeare festival in Southern California. We were cast in different plays, but a mutual friend found that we were both inquiring about each other, and we soon found ourselves on a first date! We fell in love quickly, and on a chilly Christmas evening in 2007, surrounded by family, Mark proposed.  

We have been thoughtful and prayerful for many years about how God was going to expand our family, and we have always been open to whatever way that would unfold for us. Adoption has always been close to our hearts. We know it is a choice that requires such humility, love, and compassion for all involved. 

We ran a successful photography business together for 6 years in California, photographing babies, children, and families. The business went part-time a few years ago, and now we also work as nurses at a Christian care facility in the Boston area. We live in a family-oriented neighborhood, with a beautiful garden in the backyard and a big park down the street. Our nephews, Andrew and James, live just a few hours away. We love being their aunt and uncle!   

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